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Harmonia makes teams better by automatically sharing responsibility for common tasks and chores around the whole team.

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The buck stops with you, so you understand the importance of keeping your team running smoothly. But that often means spending more and more time delegating, monitoring and handling administrivia, rather than making the important decisions that steer your team towards success.

In every team there are chores which need doing from time to time. Often it doesn’t really matter who does them — just that they get done.

Wouldn’t it be better if the team could automatically take care of most of those tasks, without you needing to worry about each one?

Harmonia helps you reclaim time and attention by capturing the chores and tasks a team needs to get done, and sharing responsibility for them around the whole team. Everyone pitches in equally, and everyone ends up with less time lost to worrying, and more time available for productive work — and fun!

Great teams manage themselves.

Sharing some tasks might not feel natural to begin with. That’s only natural. However, the more you share with your team, the more invested each member becomes in the health and success of the team as a whole. Team members learn valuable skills and the team as a whole can adapt more easily to changing circumstances.

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If you’ve ever worked in a team, you’ll know that working with other people can sometimes be a little frustrating. Nobody has exactly the same tolerance for ignoring mess in the kitchen, procrastinating on writing that blog post, or even forgetting to send those invoices to clients.

In many teams, these tasks end up falling to the person who feels the most pain when they aren’t done.

This quickly leads to imbalance, which in turn leads to unhappiness, resentment and ultimately some of your most valuable people — those who care, like you — leaving the team.

Our solution is to fairly share responsibility for tasks and chores around the whole team, and to make that responsibility public, so everyone in the team knows what they need to do to keep the team running smoothly. Harmonia’s assignment algorithm balances the burden of tasks across each team member, so that task allocation is visibly fair.

Harmonia reduces stress, and fair assignment helps teams run smoothly.

Doesn’t that sound great?

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Harmonia isn’t just helpful for people working in companies; it can also help organise lots of other groups:

Cleaning, washing dishes, taking out the trash…
Amateur sports clubs
Organising leagues, scheduling matches, coordinating transport…
Church groups
Keeping spaces tidy, choosing activities…
Conference organisers
Managing attendee questions, coordinating social media, arranging venue details…

… basically, any time where you’re working with other people towards a common goal, but have peripheral tasks that need to be covered at the same time, Harmonia can help your group work more smoothly.

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