The Harmonia dashboard shows you all the tasks assigned to you, others, and coming soon

Everyone pitches in

Harmonia automatically assigns tasks to people using a blend of randomness and fairness. The whole team is notified who has been assigned responsibility for each task, as required.

It keeps a list of upcoming chores, ensuring that nothing important is forgotten. You can add one-off tasks, tasks that repeat on a schedule, and tasks that are triggered by events in an iCal feed.

Easily capture recurring and one-off tasks in Harmonia. Once a task is stored, it will be automatically assigned at regular intervals.

Capture repeating tasks

Add tasks that repeat weekly, monthly, yearly, and based on events in an iCal feed. You can even add one-off tasks via email.

By providing clear and repeatable instructions, everyone can contribute to the smooth running of your team.

The whole team is notified when an assignment is made, so responsibilities are clear and publicly shared.

Happier teams

When everyone helps take care of the team, the whole team is stronger. No more forgotten chores or administrivia, only happy team members working together smoothly for everyone’s benefit.

You can’t dictate a great company culture, but you can help one grow. Harmonia can help it grow in the right direction.

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