How Harmonia works

Add recurring tasks and chores…

Creating task template crop

Create tasks to occur once, or on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly schedule.

You can even create tasks using events in a calendar feed, or by sending emails to Harmonia.

Clear instructions make tasks easy to perform, and easy to repeat.

…which are assigned automatically.

Assignment email crop

When a task is assigned, everyone in the team is notified via email.

The assignment email makes it clear who is reponsible for getting that task done.

Over time, Harmonia ensures that tasks are assigned fairly between everyone in the team.

See what you need to do…

Dashboard crop

See tasks currently assigned to you, and the rest of your team, on your personalised dashboard.

Easily see tasks that are coming soon, and tasks that are overdue.

See clear & repeatable instructions for completing the task.

… and do it quickly and easily.

Task crop

View task instructions and mark tasks as done to track progress.

Responsiblilities can be reassigned if required — if someone is unexpectedly unavailable, for example.

View task history, previous assignments and discussions, and more!

Who uses Harmonia?

A wide range of startups, companies, teams and other groups use Harmonia every day.

Any time we forget to do something important, it’s because it wasn’t in Harmonia.

These companies, and many more, use Harmonia to help run their teams.

  • Poetica
  • Gfr
  • Minified
  • Thetrainline

Harmonia works best for teams of three or more people, but can be used by any number. And not just companies - community groups, flat-shares, even families can avoid frustration using Harmonia!

More Features

  • Unlimited people

    Teams work best when everyone works together. There are no limits to the number of people who can join, even on the free plan.

  • Email integration

    Reply to an assignment email to capture comments directly on the task, or even mark tasks as done via email.

  • Calendars

    Add assignments to your calendar subscribe to your unique calendar feed, so assignments appear and update on your computer, and your phone, automatically.

  • App integrations

    Have Harmonia create assigned tasks or cards in tools like Basecamp or Trello, letting you stay focussed on your work for longer.


Teams of any size can start using Harmonia for free. Once it’s working well for your team, it’s easy to upgrade to a plan with more tasks and features.

  • Basic

    Free forever

    • Unlimited people
    • 3 recurring tasks
    • 1 team
    • Email & calendar integration

If you are unhappy for any reason, contact support and we will refund your most recent month, no questions asked.