Harmonia and FreeAgent work great together

At both Go Free Range and Exciting, we've been using FreeAgent's excellent accounting software for a number of years to keep tabs on our financial situation. We absolutely love it! It's a pleasure to use and has become an indispensable tool in the operation of our company.

One very useful feature is their Tax Timeline which displays various payment and filing deadlines. The tax timeline comes with a handy iCal feed and we make use of this in Harmonia to automatically generate tasks to ensure we don't forget any important administrative jobs.

Creating iCal tasks in Harmonia

As well as creating tasks that recur on a weekly (e.g. every Friday) or monthly (e.g. on the 27th) basis, you can create tasks in Harmonia which are triggered by events in any iCal feed. You just need to give Harmonia the URL of the feed and search text to match relevant iCal events from the feed. Harmonia will then generate and assign a task whenever a matching event occurs.

Screenshot showing how to create iCal task in Harmonia

The search text works along the same lines as Google Search - you can use separate search terms and/or exact phrases enclosed in double-quotes. As you type the search text, Harmonia will give you a preview of the events which currently match, so you can make sure you're identifying them correctly and unambiguously.

FreeAgent tax timeline events

In case they're useful to other people, I thought I'd tell you what tasks the Go Free Range team has set up in Harmonia based on the FreeAgent tax timeline iCal feed:

  • Submit VAT return to HMRC (matching "VAT Return")
  • Submit corporation tax return to HRMC (matching on "Corporation Tax" "Submission Due")
  • Pay corporation tax to HMRC (matching on "Corporation Tax" "Payment Due")
  • Annual return to Companies House (matching on "Annual Return")
  • Annual accounts for Companies House (matching on "Companies House Accounts Due")

Finding your tax timeline

If you've not used the tax timeline iCal feed before, you need to enable it by logging into FreeAgent and clicking on the "Settings" link at the top right of the page and then click on the link to "API & Feeds" towards the bottom.

Screenshot of FreeAgent settings

If you click on the "Enable access" button, a couple of feeds should be made available - "Invoice Timeline" and "Tax Timeline". These are links to the respective iCal feeds.

The possibilities are endless

As you can see, being able to create tasks based on any iCal feed is really powerful. It's particularly suited to events which recur at irregular intervals.

For example, if you're running a cricket team, you might already have a Google Calendar with a list of your fixtures. With Harmonia, you could create tasks to be triggered in advance of each fixture; or perhaps only for "away" games.

Creating a calendar using Google Calendar

If you've never done it before, Google Calendar makes it very easy to publish an iCal feed for a calendar. Just go to "Settings" / "Calendars" and click the "Create new calendar" button. Tick the "Share this calendar with others" and "Make this calendar public" checkboxes.

Once you've created the calendar, go back to "Settings" / "Calendars" and click on the name of the calendar. Towards the bottom of the page, under "Calendar Address", you'll see an iCal icon - this is a link to the iCal feed URL that you'll need to use in Harmonia.

Screenshot of Google Calendar iCal feed

And finally, in case you have some tasks that only need to happen once in a Blue Moon, I've created a special iCal feed just for you based on this calendar.

FreeAgent and Harmonia

Making sure that we handle things like VAT and accounting on time was one of founding inspirations that led us to build Harmonia, and now, just like FreeAgent, it's become an indepensible tool for helping our business run smoothly. We hope that it can do the same for you -- sign up now and let us know!