Managing team tasks with a simple routine is one of the ways to reduce their impact on creativity, but almost every team also needs to take breaks from that schedule. One such break is approaching now, when lots of companies and groups take a break for the holidays.

During these breaks, some of the regular tasks don't need to be done -- for example, there's no point in assigning someone to handle the recycling when there's not going to be a collection, and maybe not even anyone in the office.

New feature: pausing tasks

For this reason, you can now pause tasks:

Pausing a task

By the 'Edit' button you'll now find the 'Pause' button. Clicking this will stop the task from being assigned to anyone in the team, until the task is unpaused:

"Unpausing a task"

Not just for the holiday season

As well as being useful for public holidays, this is also great for tasks which only apply when the team is working on a particular project, or with a particular client. When you change project, pause the tasks rather than deleting them, so you wont need to recreate them all again when you pick up the original project in the future.

Give it a go, and let us know what you think. Oh, and happy holidays!