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From its original life as a simple script at Go Free Range, through its growth into a fully-fledged web application that any team can use... after almost three years, Harmonia is now officially 'out of beta'.

What does that mean? Principally, two things:

  1. Harmonia is stable and the core features are working well for teams all around the world
  2. New and existing users can now sign up for paid plans with extended and brand new features, including webhooks and integrations with apps like Trello.

We love helping teams work more effectively together, and subscribing to a Harmonia plan lets us keep building great new features to do exactly that.

Plan details

Everyone can still sign up for a free account to see if Harmonia is a good fit for your team or group, and upgrading is easy. There are no limits on team size, and everyone gets key features like:

Basic plans are limited to three recurring tasks. That should let you try Harmonia and see how well it works with your whole team. Once you're confident it's providing value, it's easy and affordable to upgrade.

The Team plan

The team plan is $10/month, and raises the number of recurring tasks to 10, and allows you to create up to three teams.

It also lets you set up web hooks if you want to build integrations with any other tools you use. We'll write more about the new web hook feature very soon.

However, if you'd prefer to let us manage the integrations for you, you'll want the Company plan.

The Company plan

At $30/month, the company plan includes our custom-built integrations with other applications — assigned tasks appear and sync in your preferred application, automatically and seamlessly. Trello integration is ready now, with Basecamp and others coming very soon.

The Company plan also raises the recurring task limit to 50, and the number of teams to 10 — plenty for almost any organisation.

Limited time discount!

Harmonia can help you save real time and money by helping your team run smoothly and work more effectively together. Harmonia can save you hours or even days of time every month. We hope you'll agree that it's worth the price of a few cups of coffee.

To say thanks for your support, we have a limited number of discounted plans available for supporters and readers of our blog!

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