If you use an application like Calendar on Mac, or Outlook on Windows, your Harmonia assignment can appear directly in those applications!

A screenshot of assignments appearing in Calendar.app

Your events will automatically appear as the assignments are made. You will even get an alarm, an hour before the task is due, on all devices where the calendar is subscribed, or synced if you use a service like iCloud:

Mac event notifications

How to subscribe

It couldn't be easier to get your calendar. Simply visit your team dashboard and click on the calendar icon beside "Your Tasks".

The calendar link is beside the 'Your tasks' heading

You should be automatically prompted to open the calendar application on your computer or device.

A few notes about the calendar events:

  • If you're a member of more than one team, all of your assignments across every team will be included in the same calendar
  • Your calendar URL is unique to you individually. You don't need to share this around your team, as everyone will have their own calendar containing only their tasks
  • When you mark a task as done, the alarm will automatically be removed from the calendar event. You won't get notified about tasks that you've already completed.

Bonus feature: Calendar attachments to assignment emails

You may have already spotted this, but all assignment emails come with a calendar attachment. You can see an example at the bottom of this assignment email:

Calendar attachments in assignment emails

Just double click this file, and that single event will be added to your calendar.

(If you subscribe to the calendar, you don't need to do this, as events will appear automatically.)

Do you have a calendar integration you'd like to see in Harmonia? Let us know...